Calvin College NYC Interim

Course Description: This is a class taught previously in 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

This class is a study of Urban Missions, Multiculturalism and Race Relations, all inseparable dynamics of modern life. The study for the most part takes place in NYC. We stay in NYC in the beautiful guest rooms of International House at 500 Riverside Dr. in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. International House is home to college students from the entire world. It is a wonderful place to stay and is convenient to the NYC transit system. See:

The Gospel is about reconciliation to God and to one another. The Church has been sent out “to all nations”. This commission is best carried out in Global Cities since that is where we find the higher concentration of people and great racial and ethnic diversity. That was the vision of early Christians and should remain our vision. They changed the world and culture through mission to cities. This Interim course is designed to explore the nature of the Gospel and ministry in an urban, high need and multi-racial context. We will visit with significant Christian leaders, NYC ministries and churches and increase awareness about urban missions and race relations. We will critically examine urban ministry models and experience human diversity and deepen sensitivity of race relations. There will be ample opportunity to explore the greatness, excitement and attractions of the city both as a class and independently. By the conclusion of our time in NYC, you will know your way around the boroughs and neighborhoods of the greatest city in the world. You will learn the subway/bus system and be comfortable traveling throughout the City.

The Interim is led by Jack Kooreman, Pastor of Grace Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. Jack is a pastor and an attorney. He was born and raised in NJ, moving to Michigan in 1996 to enroll in Seminary. After graduating in 2000, he was ordained in and served at Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids until 2004. He accepted the call to Grace in 2004. Grace is a multicultural inner city church. Jack is very familiar with NYC, having lived most of his life within a few miles of the City. (He drove a limousine in NYC during his college years.) He developed contacts with Christian leaders in NYC as a result of his friendship with Dr. John Perkins and involvement in the Christian Community Development Association.

This Interim class is a CCE-integral course.

Read student reviews of the NYC Interim:

View the slide shows:


*To See Captioned Photos, select “View All Images”


Prerequisites: The only prerequisite is permission of the instructor.

Cost: The approximate cost of the trip is $1,440 which includes air transportation from Grand Rapids, our stay for 10 days in NY at the International House, transportation expenses in NYC and all meals.

Christian Leaders that we have met with include:

  • Others (both in NYC and Grand Rapids)

All of these listed speakers (and others) expressed their willingness to participate again in this class. The actual schedule for speakers will be determined based on availability during the time that we are in NYC.

We also went together to:

  • Late Night with David Letterman
  • Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and met with its star, Deborah Lew (”Belle”)

  • Broadway shows
  • Good Morning America (interviewed live by Sam Champion)
  • Martha Stewart
  • Dinner in Little Italy and Chinatown
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Concert
  • Many other activities, both as the entire group and on our own

Calvin College Forms for the off campus interim can be downloaded from:

Contact: Jack Kooreman: Grace Church 100 Buckley SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Office: (616) 452-8920; Cell: (616) 581-2617


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